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I'm Elle.. a wife and new mom. I just turned 21, but I feel older. I got married at 19 and almost 8 months later I moved to Florida where my husband is stationed. We found out I was pregnant the following month, and well 9 months later here we are with our baby boy Mycah Reiss. I am starting this blog not to show off my life, or to act like my ife is perfect. I am a real girl, with real problems and real goals in life. My purpose for this is so that moms out there can relate to each other, but especially relate to me. There is so many new things I am living that it is refreshing to talk to people you don't know, but know exactly what you are going through.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


At this time next week Mycah and I will be surprising my family back home. I'm taking Mycah so that both sides of our family can finally meet my little panda. My mom is so upset that she has to wait until June to see him because he will be 6 months and wont be a tiny baby any more, but little does she know that in ONE week she will finally have him in her arms again.

I must admit that I'm excited about seeing my friends and hanging out. My friends know that I'm going and are super excited to meet Mycah and see me as a mom lol It's going to be kinda weird to hang out with my "mom" friends since finally I'll be 21 around them and now I'll have a little monkey of my own.

I'm gonna miss my husband a lot I must say. I just hope that we don't argue, because when we're apart thats what we usually do. I know he is pretty upset that I'm not going to be home for 20 days, but like everything else we're going through it's part of the military lifestyle.

So, since my last blog. I took Mycah to the doctor and he said that his flat spot you round out in the next few months. He said that once he can sit up on his own I will start noticing the difference. I asked about the helmet in case it stays flat and he said that research has proven them not to work, so our insurance doesn't cover it.

I also stopped breastfeeding. I was only stressing myself out and making him frustrated because I wasn't producing as much breast-milk as he needed. So I'm doing all formula now, although I wished breast feeding would have worked out better.

I have a question for all moms out there:
When did you start feeding your little ones solids like Gerber or cereal? I started giving him some once a day and he seems to really like it, but I'm thinking I started to soon..

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