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I'm Elle.. a wife and new mom. I just turned 21, but I feel older. I got married at 19 and almost 8 months later I moved to Florida where my husband is stationed. We found out I was pregnant the following month, and well 9 months later here we are with our baby boy Mycah Reiss. I am starting this blog not to show off my life, or to act like my ife is perfect. I am a real girl, with real problems and real goals in life. My purpose for this is so that moms out there can relate to each other, but especially relate to me. There is so many new things I am living that it is refreshing to talk to people you don't know, but know exactly what you are going through.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So I haven't updated in a month practically. So much has happened since then.. Mycah is now cooing all the time. He laughs with (or at) me, he tries to reach for things and sometimes actually takes them up to his mouth, he can also kinda lift himself up halfway for a sec or two, places his hands on his bottles during feeding time, and he pays a lot more attention to ONE thing at a time. Close recently is fitting snug so I'm having to buy 9 month clothing which is hard because length wise it fits but not width wise.

My mom was completely surprised to have us in California! It was awesome seeing my family and for them to finally meet him, everyone spoiled him with attention.

I must admit having babysitters to FINALLY go out and celebrate my 21st birthday was pretty awesome. I went out 4 times, each with a different set of friends, and I had a BLAST each time but I must admit the last time was THE BEST time I have ever had.

I was pretty excited to be back home in Florida, the hubby picked us up and welcomed me with flowers, a card, and my favorite chocolates.

This month I am getting ready to start school in August. I am mailing all the paper work and stuff it takes forever but I'm progressing. I am also planning Mycah's baptism in June which we are doing in California. It's so hard doing it from here, because it just seems like its all last minute but we didn't want to set anything in stone until my husband's leave was approved 100%. So we leave to California the first week of June, this will be our 2nd family trip but our 1st across the country/on airplane trip together. I am looking forward to having Moises go with me, because I must saying going alone with Mycah was really hard. Going through the security check, delays, on the actual flight, it just feels like you need an extra pair of hands to do EVERYTHING.

This is going to be my 1st MOTHERS DAY (well technically it was last year, but I wasn't aware I was pregnant) and it sucks because Moises has weekend duty so I'll spend most of the day alone. We are keeping  a low profile this month (like no going out to eat, or pizza, unnecessary shopping) because we need to save up for the baptism. AND were going to need spending money so we need to be careful.

Ok so Im blabbing on and on now, BUT its just been so long that I dont even know how to dilute for just important stuff. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


At this time next week Mycah and I will be surprising my family back home. I'm taking Mycah so that both sides of our family can finally meet my little panda. My mom is so upset that she has to wait until June to see him because he will be 6 months and wont be a tiny baby any more, but little does she know that in ONE week she will finally have him in her arms again.

I must admit that I'm excited about seeing my friends and hanging out. My friends know that I'm going and are super excited to meet Mycah and see me as a mom lol It's going to be kinda weird to hang out with my "mom" friends since finally I'll be 21 around them and now I'll have a little monkey of my own.

I'm gonna miss my husband a lot I must say. I just hope that we don't argue, because when we're apart thats what we usually do. I know he is pretty upset that I'm not going to be home for 20 days, but like everything else we're going through it's part of the military lifestyle.

So, since my last blog. I took Mycah to the doctor and he said that his flat spot you round out in the next few months. He said that once he can sit up on his own I will start noticing the difference. I asked about the helmet in case it stays flat and he said that research has proven them not to work, so our insurance doesn't cover it.

I also stopped breastfeeding. I was only stressing myself out and making him frustrated because I wasn't producing as much breast-milk as he needed. So I'm doing all formula now, although I wished breast feeding would have worked out better.

I have a question for all moms out there:
When did you start feeding your little ones solids like Gerber or cereal? I started giving him some once a day and he seems to really like it, but I'm thinking I started to soon..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Flat Spot!!!

So I hadn't noticed that Mycah is developing a flat spot in the back of his head. I looked it up online and compared to the cases I saw online, his isn't that bad YET. I'm starting to lay him on his side (when I can keep my eye on him). I also rolled up a little blanket and place it behind his neck to keep pressure off his head (which I read online). I also made an appt. with his doctor to make sure it isn't so bad yet, because I read some babies even need this little helmet to correct the problem.

I feel bad though, because the umbilical hernia and now this, it's things that have never happened to any baby in my family. Although, I know they are common, I feel like I'm not doing a good job at being a mom. Is it because I have no one to turn to? No, because I can't blame anyone but myself. It just feels like maybe if I was back home and I had help all these things wouldn't be happening. It took me 2 months to get him to latch on so maybe I can do this it's just going to take a little while to get the hang of it. I hope I didn't ruin his head :[ Hopefully, the doctor was some better advice and ideas on how to correct this!!!

We're also moving on base this Thursday! So I have lots to do. I have moved 14 times in my whole life and with the help of the movers this being the 15th will def be the easiest!

It's been awhile since I last updated, and in that time Bonnie found out that her husband is being sent to Korea for a year. Which sucks because that means she is leaving too!!! She is my only friend and person I go to advice since she is a GREAT mom, and I know it's selfish of me but since she can't go with her husband I really hope she stays here while she is gone because I don't want to be alone again!! 

Well I'm going to go make my husbands lunch for tomorrow!


Here's my little panda.
Smiles :)

Monday, February 28, 2011


Whoa it's been 2 weeks since I've posted on the blog. I've been so tired and so sleepy, every extra time I have whether it be 5 min or 1 hr I try to use it for sleep. Mycah is 2 months today. He looks so big :] I can't believe my little monkey is 11lbs and 21in long. Tomorrow is his 2 month check up and he has to get his shots:[ but I have questions for the doctor, specially about his umbilical hernia and its development.

So FINALLY Mycah has latched on and after 2 months I am finally breastfeeding him!! but since he is growing in teeth I don't know how long I will be able to do it but in the mean time I will enjoy it because it is very special bonding time with him just a little painful:]

The only part of all this that I'm not to thrilled about is his crying/screaming. HE cries so loudly and screams like there is no tomorrow or like someone is hurting him. He wants to just be carried all the time and I don't know how to break that habit, because as soon as he starts to turn purple when he cries I want to pick him up and comfort him but he might already realized that once he does that I will pick him up. Well how can't I?? As soon as I hear him grunting I want to see whats wrong with him.

Hopefully things start to improve on that and he starts getting his sleeping pattern AT NIGHT!!

I'm going to take advantage of him napping...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, February 14, 2011

Single Dad Weekend lol

So on Friday since I was sick I decided Mycah was going to be Moises responsibility the entire weekend so I could get better and catch up on some sleep. Although I could say Moises didn't completely follow through, for the most part part he took care of him with some help from me. I guess what I told him him counseling (that I needed more help after he came home from work and during the weekend) did actually go in one ear, and not out the other lol :)  We go to marriage counseling every week to work on some stuff for almost a year now, and we still need some work but we are definitely improving from where we were last April. Like I said my life isn't perfect and neither is my marriage, but as long as we both are trying to make it better for ourselves and for Mycah then I am HAPPY.  Well I am thankful to Moises for helping out so much because now I feel a lot better and I am ready for the week.

This weekend we looked into dinning room tables and washers/dryers, we were trying to look for the best deals and luckily we found what we were looking for within our budget, but now we have to wait until we move to the house on base to actually buy the stuff so they can deliver them there and not to our apt. Hopefully our tax refund money comes in tomorrow so we can buy our tickets to visit our family back in California in the summer. We have my brothers high school graduation and my friends wedding, but most importantly to us Mycah's baptism. And since its during the summer , the ticket prices are sky high so the sooner we buy them the better deal we get!! Plus my dad is buying my ticket so I can go visit home in April but it's a surprise for my mom, so SHHHHHHH :] so I'm pretty excited for everyone to meet him for the 1st time specially my dad and my brother.

Tomorrow (well today) is Valentine's Day and I'm planning to do something special for Moises (except for doing the DEED because I haven't gone to my 6 week check up so SORRY BABE) but I want to make him feel loved as a person and I'm never short of ideas, so I'm excited to see how it turns out tomorrow.

I have to get this whole work out thing started so I can start fitting properly in my close because I know the criticism will be on demand when I go home, SPECIALLY from my aunt and cousin so I have to get it together!! Three weeks after I had Mycah I got my Belly Bandit in the mail and i was 45in around my tummy and today I am 42in which is one inch less than I was before I started showing. So now I have to keep this progress which some exercise. The highlight of the weekend honestly happened when I was getting dressed to go to eat and Moises said "Babe man your stretch marks are really going away!" so I replied "Really?? you think the cream is working??" and he said "Yes!! Do you need more? Because its really working"
Man I was so excited to hear him say that because not only do I have pregnancy stretch marks but I also have some from the 30lbs I gained about 2 years ago. I have been using the Mama Mio GoodBye Stretch Marks cream for the past 4 weeks on both my new and old stretch marks, and like Moises said it's working. It says for best results apply 3 times a day for 12 weeks, and honestly only put it once a day maybe 5 days out the week. With the baby and the house chores, and lack of sleep I sometimes forget but I always put it on after my shower. I still have 8 weeks to go so I NEED to follow the recommended directions so I can have awesome results.

So lets start this new week prepared for new adventures and new baby lessons/1st's, with lots of positivity and love:]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1st Cold:[

This has turned out to be the week of firsts. Yesterday Mycah's first tooth, and now the first cold (which is not exciting in comparison to his tooth. I've had to bother him all day with the bulb syringe, specially after he sneezes you can hear all the boogers and he starts to cry. But when he's asleep and I can hear them he gets mad which is kinda cute but still poor thing.Once Moises brought the saline mist, since he couldn't find the drops, it helped a lot because it took loosened up the boogers in there so I don't have to suck them out that constantly. The one thing I don't understand is how can such a tiny little nose :]

He had a fever last night, it has been up and down, but I've been able to control it to where he doesn't have to go to the ER. I'm not sure if its part of the cold or part of teething or both. No one believes me that he has a tooth coming in, but if I'm right then he has 2.

Hopefully tonight after my TheraFlu tea I can fall asleep early!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1st tooth!!

YES!! Crazy right?? He is 6 weeks today and you can already see his 1st tooth.

I read somewhere that you have to wipe with water a baby's' gums. So today after I fed him and started to wipe the milk away when I saw it I thought "let me clean his gums" but eventually I forgot. So when Moises got home from work I told him Mycah was completely under his care because I'm sick and I hadn't slept the entire day. I woke up around 8pm and Moises said that the Mycah's nose was super stuffy. So we figured has a cold since Moises got me sick, apparently he got the baby sick too. So as I'm dumping the saline solution he says "The baby has either formula stuck on his gums or it's a tooth". Then I remembered that I had to clean him, but really all day he had it?? So I got the special pacifier wipes that are safe for him to taste and nope nothing came off.

So we were kinda shocked since he is so little, but it happens. We're thrilled to see it, BUT I heard teething makes them fussy and have a fever and makes them restless which sucks for me, but this also means he is growing up and fast I may add:[

My little 5lb baby is 9lbs and now has his 1st tooth!!

Hopefully he gets over his cold soon, so that he doesn't have to deal with that too.I doubt he's in pain over the tooth, but just in case I'll keep on eye on him so I can buy him a teething toy.

Well he's asleep now so I just have to pack Moises' lunch and it's off to bed!!

Long Loooooooong day!!

I have not had a day like this in Mycah's 6 weeks. He would not nap at all unless I was carrying him. I tried the swing, the crib, my bed (with me next to him of course), and even a blanket on the floor. So I couldn't nap either, or eat, or clean because as soon as I put him down he would start screaming and turning purple, but because of his hernia I feel bad letting him soothe himself. So finally when my husband got home, I was able to eat and sleep a few hours. But now that he is sleeping he has Mycah on his chest asleep so I can cook, wash dishes, and do the laundry.

At this point I am really considering buying the Moby Wrap, because that's where he likes to be (on my chest or his dad's) and it would avoid me doing all these chores until 11:30 at night but most importantly decrease crying.

***So I just went to check on the baby and Moises, and it intrigues me to see that Moises does not move at all when the baby is sleeping on him, and that happens with me too. Like at night we both are crazy sleepers, but when he's on us we stay in the same position. I guess thats just part of being a parent and having that instinct.

I'm eally hoping that the job I applied for calls back for an interview, because I really need to start working. Moises is the only one bringing home a pay check and we were doing pretty good, no extra luxuries or anything but we at least went out to eat once a week, but now with the baby there is so many extra expenses that there isn't any free space, but at least we are able to at least save a little every paycheck. With me working we would be doing so much better, but at the same time child care is so expensive that I would be pretty much working to pay for day care, which makes me just want to stay home with my son. We'll see what happens, because I'm starting school in September and with Moises' unpredictable schedule it's already going to limit my availability with actually going to school and have to take at least one online class.

So many things in the works, that it makes my head hurt. For now all I'm going to worry about is preparing to start moving in March. I hate moving and I know just like the first time it's going to be on me how smoothly it goes. Even though the new place won't be as modern as our apartment, having a house that is bigger will be pretty awesome. I just wish we wouldn't have to buy a washer and dryer because it's money we won't be able to save up, but I guess it will be an investment in the long run.

Well I have to start folding the laundry. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for my little Panda and myself:]

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mycah's FIRST big boy outfit!

so today we went to bonnie's house to watch the Super Bowl and I decided to dress Mycah is blue jeans and a hoodie with a thermo long sleeve onesie (because it it cold in Florida). He looked so cute! But after a few hours he seemed uncormfortable, so i put on a sleeper instead like usual.

It is so awesome to have friends that have babies too, because sometimes you dont know what you might need no matter how prepared you may be. My MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby' Bag is awesome because I can fit EVERYTHING i can think of, including a whole can of formula. But today I needed my swing since Mycah was fussy and obviously it doesn't fit in the diaper bag but Bonnie had hers. He loved the swing, more than the one I have. So my husband and I are thinking of buying one just like it.  The one we bought works good but it doesn't keep Mycah entertained for long, so this new one (although its pretty pricey for our budget) will be a big help while I need to do things around the house. Mycah is a screamer and it doesn't help with his umbilical hernia, so I need as much help with that as I can get so it doesn't come out even more with all the pressure he makes when screaming. So, Fisher-Price Cradle Swing - Ocean Wonders see you this Friday, or at least one similar, maybe different theme.

    Meet my little Panda
Mycah Reiss

in his big boy outfit

                                                                       in his sleeper

Saturday, February 5, 2011

First post...while feeding Mycah :]

I wanted to start a blog to share my first time experiences with new moms, future moms, and pro moms lol. Figuring out what I'm doing wrong or right is such an adventure. Since I am also a military wife I live where my husband is stationed, so my mom and rest of my family/friends live in California and I'm doing this all alone. I know I can always call my mom or any other mom I know, but sometimes you need someone to show you while being right in front of you. Looking up stuff on Google is sometimes scary, because you end up linking into random stuff (Mycah has a purple bump in his belly button, and when I started searching I was scared he had a tumor, but after a doctor's visit turns out its a umbilical hernia).

Hopefully this blog isn't just me sharing my daily events or new experiences, but also a place where I can get advice, where other young (or older) mom's can relate to me, and future moms get an idea of what's in store :]

Well I have to burp Mycah now!!

Here's too a "successful" blog:]