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I'm Elle.. a wife and new mom. I just turned 21, but I feel older. I got married at 19 and almost 8 months later I moved to Florida where my husband is stationed. We found out I was pregnant the following month, and well 9 months later here we are with our baby boy Mycah Reiss. I am starting this blog not to show off my life, or to act like my ife is perfect. I am a real girl, with real problems and real goals in life. My purpose for this is so that moms out there can relate to each other, but especially relate to me. There is so many new things I am living that it is refreshing to talk to people you don't know, but know exactly what you are going through.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Single Dad Weekend lol

So on Friday since I was sick I decided Mycah was going to be Moises responsibility the entire weekend so I could get better and catch up on some sleep. Although I could say Moises didn't completely follow through, for the most part part he took care of him with some help from me. I guess what I told him him counseling (that I needed more help after he came home from work and during the weekend) did actually go in one ear, and not out the other lol :)  We go to marriage counseling every week to work on some stuff for almost a year now, and we still need some work but we are definitely improving from where we were last April. Like I said my life isn't perfect and neither is my marriage, but as long as we both are trying to make it better for ourselves and for Mycah then I am HAPPY.  Well I am thankful to Moises for helping out so much because now I feel a lot better and I am ready for the week.

This weekend we looked into dinning room tables and washers/dryers, we were trying to look for the best deals and luckily we found what we were looking for within our budget, but now we have to wait until we move to the house on base to actually buy the stuff so they can deliver them there and not to our apt. Hopefully our tax refund money comes in tomorrow so we can buy our tickets to visit our family back in California in the summer. We have my brothers high school graduation and my friends wedding, but most importantly to us Mycah's baptism. And since its during the summer , the ticket prices are sky high so the sooner we buy them the better deal we get!! Plus my dad is buying my ticket so I can go visit home in April but it's a surprise for my mom, so SHHHHHHH :] so I'm pretty excited for everyone to meet him for the 1st time specially my dad and my brother.

Tomorrow (well today) is Valentine's Day and I'm planning to do something special for Moises (except for doing the DEED because I haven't gone to my 6 week check up so SORRY BABE) but I want to make him feel loved as a person and I'm never short of ideas, so I'm excited to see how it turns out tomorrow.

I have to get this whole work out thing started so I can start fitting properly in my close because I know the criticism will be on demand when I go home, SPECIALLY from my aunt and cousin so I have to get it together!! Three weeks after I had Mycah I got my Belly Bandit in the mail and i was 45in around my tummy and today I am 42in which is one inch less than I was before I started showing. So now I have to keep this progress which some exercise. The highlight of the weekend honestly happened when I was getting dressed to go to eat and Moises said "Babe man your stretch marks are really going away!" so I replied "Really?? you think the cream is working??" and he said "Yes!! Do you need more? Because its really working"
Man I was so excited to hear him say that because not only do I have pregnancy stretch marks but I also have some from the 30lbs I gained about 2 years ago. I have been using the Mama Mio GoodBye Stretch Marks cream for the past 4 weeks on both my new and old stretch marks, and like Moises said it's working. It says for best results apply 3 times a day for 12 weeks, and honestly only put it once a day maybe 5 days out the week. With the baby and the house chores, and lack of sleep I sometimes forget but I always put it on after my shower. I still have 8 weeks to go so I NEED to follow the recommended directions so I can have awesome results.

So lets start this new week prepared for new adventures and new baby lessons/1st's, with lots of positivity and love:]

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