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I'm Elle.. a wife and new mom. I just turned 21, but I feel older. I got married at 19 and almost 8 months later I moved to Florida where my husband is stationed. We found out I was pregnant the following month, and well 9 months later here we are with our baby boy Mycah Reiss. I am starting this blog not to show off my life, or to act like my ife is perfect. I am a real girl, with real problems and real goals in life. My purpose for this is so that moms out there can relate to each other, but especially relate to me. There is so many new things I am living that it is refreshing to talk to people you don't know, but know exactly what you are going through.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

First post...while feeding Mycah :]

I wanted to start a blog to share my first time experiences with new moms, future moms, and pro moms lol. Figuring out what I'm doing wrong or right is such an adventure. Since I am also a military wife I live where my husband is stationed, so my mom and rest of my family/friends live in California and I'm doing this all alone. I know I can always call my mom or any other mom I know, but sometimes you need someone to show you while being right in front of you. Looking up stuff on Google is sometimes scary, because you end up linking into random stuff (Mycah has a purple bump in his belly button, and when I started searching I was scared he had a tumor, but after a doctor's visit turns out its a umbilical hernia).

Hopefully this blog isn't just me sharing my daily events or new experiences, but also a place where I can get advice, where other young (or older) mom's can relate to me, and future moms get an idea of what's in store :]

Well I have to burp Mycah now!!

Here's too a "successful" blog:]

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